Hello. We’re Nueva Vida

Our mission at Nueva Vida is to create a new positive life for the young people in our care. We will treat them as unique individuals and will respect their wishes, rights and dignity. The Nueva Vida family will endeavour to have a positive fun and loving approach to all young people so they feel that they have a sense of belonging and a place they can call home.

Nueva Vida children’s services aims to provide the highest level of care and service to enable young people to have support for a new life and thrive in whatever they do. We want to create a Safe Haven for these young children, so they feel protected and cared for.

Our Services

New Life, New Day, New Start


Each child and young person should be viewed as an individual and that their views, attitudes and opinions are respected.


Children and young people are experts on themselves, therefore they should be actively involved in making decisions about their lives.


Children need to have an element of fun in their lives. We’ll endeavourer to try to introduce this on a daily basis, rewarding by giving access to a wide variety of activities.


Education is a paramount part of living at Nueva Vida. All young persons will be encouraged to attend mainstream school. Support and guidance will be given and extra expertise available.


All young people will have a transition plan in place for their future and will work through an independence development programme. They will be supported through and after the transition.


All practice and planning processes are focused towards meeting the new Social Care Common Assessment framework (2017) and National Minimum Standards (2015).


We are committed to welcome and nurture all young people giving them a sense of belonging to feel wanted and loved. Giving them security and encouragement to start a new life.


Our staff will embrace the local community and will strive to inspire the young people to respect their surroundings and get involved in community events when possible.